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Kunshan Bifa Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Bifa Automation Technology

How can Kunshan Bifa Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
provide reasonable price while ensuring quality?

Owns baking paint factory

we get more discounts when Bifa as shareowners in Barking Paint Planet

Complete Supply chain

We are located in China and enjoy a complete supply system from screws to motors.

Owns Sheet metal factory

we get more discounts when Bifa as shareowners in sheet metal factory

Continuous Improvement

Foster a culture of continuous improvement within our organization by regularly reviewing processes, and implementing cost-saving measures.

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Bifa Conveyor Details

Bifa Conveyor belt load-bearing panelsConveyor belt load-bearing panels
T1.2mm entire belt load-bearing galvanized pallet
bifa conveyor details

Eco-friendly Baking Paint

Each of Bifa’s roller conveyors adopts the baking paint process.Baking paint is a versatile and durable finishing option that provides excellent performance and aesthetic appeal across various conveyors.


Bifa Conveyor electrical control
safety circuit for emergency access and operating access

Our Team

Kunshan Bifa Automation Technology managers shown below have more than 10 years of experience in the conveyor industry

Elfin Zhu

General Manager

Andrew Liu

Design Director

Eva Wang

Sales Director

Cameron Wu

Production Director

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