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With 10-years of experience in making conveyors, Bifa Automation designs and manufactures conveyors for different industries around the world. At the same time, we are also good at providing services to integrators…

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Enjoy fast and reliable transportation with our belt conveyors, smoothly moving your uniquely shaped items for a continuous workflow


Increase efficiency and productivity with our roller conveyors, transforming how you handle heavy, flat, or uniformly shaped materials


Enhance flexibility and efficiency in your sanitary processes with our modular conveyors, giving you the power to quickly adjust and expand your operations.

Kunshan Bifa Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

is one of the leading conveyor manufacturers.

In terms of conveyor technology, Bifa offers an extensive range of non-standard conveyor systems. The specific conveyor types we can provide include:

belt conveyors, roller conveyors, modular conveyors, pallet conveyors, chain conveyors, and conveyro parts.

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Bifa Conveyor Details

Bifa Conveyor belt load-bearing panelsConveyor belt load-bearing panels
T1.2-3.0mm entire belt load-bearing galvanized
for belt conveyor
bifa conveyor details

Eco-friendly Baking Paint

Each of Bifa’s carbon steel frames adopts the baking paint process. Baking paint is a versatile and durable finishing option that provides excellent performance and aesthetic appeal across various conveyors.


Bifa Conveyor electrical control
safety circuit for emergency access and operating access

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We allocate different teams to serve customers in different fields and natures. This approach will enable customers to receive more professional and effective solutions.


Tell us the size and weight of the products you need to transport. Or send us the drawings of the plans you have designed


Recommend professional sales and engineer connections in your field


Start production and run tests for more than 8 hours

As a conveyor manufacturer, we have CE , ISO9001,COO Certificates.

COO can provide tariff reduction or exemption for Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Italy and other countries.

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